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Armen has over 30 years experience in hand painting, mural artwork and painting faux finishes. She paints on a variety of surfaces using various paints and water colors. Her array of faux finishes and hand painted murals are enjoyed by many of her clients in the Orlando, Florida area. Businesses have hired Armen for custom painting while residential home owners have hired Armen to paint custom hand painted murals for their children.

Some of her painting specialties include:
  • Murals custom
  • Murals hand painted
  • Faux finishes
  • Children murals
  • Wall mural art
  • Water color
  • Hand painting
  • Trompe l'oeil art
Hand painted details on baby table, private client
Hand painted baby items on wood table, private client
Trompe l'oeil meaning, "fool the eye" hand painted Bird of Paradise in residential apartment
Hand painted mural of a door ON a door in an antique store
Trompe l'oeil - hand painted fishing tackle on wood table, private client
Faux finish, aged background hand painted olive branch and wrought iron grill, private residence
Faux finish wall, diagonal blend, hand painted logo, incised look, commercial client
Detail of table, hand painted black velvet bag of jewels, private client
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"While working at Walt Disney World’s Art and Printing Department (Central Shops), Armen Silverbach showed a wide array of talents, experience, and professional know-how for each situation at hand. In the themed entertainment realm, her fine art and graphic design knowledge embraces our modern fast-paced demands with creative solutions and financially sound alternatives. A true collaborator amongst designers and art directors, Armen delivers aesthetic results that are thorough and consistent without ever compromising quality and/or originality; a principle always practiced and expected by the Walt Disney Co."

-Manuel I. Cordero, Resident Art Director, Orlando, Florida

"I have had the pleasure of working with Armen on more than one project over the course of several years. Armen brings to her work a high level of professionalism and creativity. She listens well to my ideas then researches thoroughly and brings back more great ideas of her own. She adds heart to her work and it shows. And, once complete, it is typical for guests to offer rave reviews and, even better, make an attempt to pick up the faux objects that she so realistically paints! Armen, like her work, has integrity and great spirit!"

-Mary Hayes, Practical Wisdom, Founder/Facilitator